• What will the market look like?
    • We are spacing booths 10 feet apart to start
    • 6 feet distancing for waiting lines
    • Before handling any products, customers must sanitize hands at each booth
    • Only 2 customers per booth served at one time
    • No crafters to begin with, but we hope to add them back - hopefully returning mid-June
    • KIDS ZONE is CLOSED for 2020

  • Can I preorder?
    • Some vendors are offering pre-ordering by phone or their website - check with them directly

  • Do I have to wear a face-covering?
    • ​Everyone, customers, vendors, staff, and volunteers, are required to wear a mask, to protect your hard-working farmers, food vendors, and community
    • The information booth will have limited amounts of paper masks available by donation

  • Are there hours for elders or immune-compromised folks?
    • By mandating masks being worn at all times, we are reducing risks for the duration of the entire market

  • Will there be music, kids activities, chef demos, non-profit information booths?
    • NO, nothing that will draw a crowd or keep folks at the market longer than 20-30 minutes is prohibited this year

  • Will there be MARKET COINS this year?
    • ​NO, please bring cash in small bills
    • We will be offering SNAP though, and doubling this year!

  • Can the whole family come to the market?
    • We're asking that you only send one person per family to the market when possible
    • Limit shopping to no more than 30 minutes


  • If I choose not to vend this season, will it affect my standing for 2021?
    • Choosing not to vend this season, or not vending due to space limitations, will in no way affect your standing in 2021, nor will affect your booth placement, if at all possible. Please make your choice based on your own needs and capacities. Safety is our top priority

  • If I choose not to sign up for a full season but want to try later in the summer, what are the fees? 
    • ​Daily space-available rates will apply

  • I want to participate in the pre-order drive through pick up. Can you tell me how that works and what the costs are?
    • To participate, you must be a market member for 2020
    • If you have a vending booth for the day, there is no fee
    • If you are not vending that day, the fee is $25
    • All orders must be prepaid- our staff is not handling any transactions for you
    • You will need to label all orders with the customer name; all orders should be placed in a sealable tote and delivered to the Information Booth
    • We are not responsible for items left out of orders - make sure they are correct when they are dropped off
    • Orders must be delivered to the Info Booth between 8:30-9:30am

  • What are my options for handwashing/ hand sanitization?
    • Hand washing and instant hand sanitizer are required at the market. Each booth should be prepared with both
    • Customers will be provided with sanitizer by the market; if you need some, we may have some to share to get you started
    • Local Distilleries are producing some as well - Check out the Database
    • Step by Step guide for vendor handwashing stations from the Minnesota FM Association
    • Lori Jenkins has access to 5 gallon water jugs from Ohlsen Mt. Water Company - email for details

  • If I run my booth solo, how can I handle money and products safely?
    • Options include:
      • Set out a box for customers to insert money
      • Box w/ partitions for the different bills and the customer makes their own change as vendor supervises
      • Wash your hands or sanitize between every transaction
      • Consider pricing your products in increments of $1, $5, $10, etc. to reduce the need for change (these are also great increments for our SNAP customers)
      • See Resource at the top of the page: Examples of signage and layouts from other markets​​

  • How do I create a barrier between me and my customers?
    • Any system that reduces hand to hand contact
    • Folding tables
    • Rope
    • Wash hands between each interaction
    • See Resource at the top of the page: Examples of signage and layouts from other markets​

Board Updates:

June 30, 2020

The board met on June 29th to review the policy and procedure.  Updates are as follows: 

  • Face coverings for all entering the market- staff, vendors, customers, volunteers, etc and social distancing are still mandatory
  • Vendors must have hand sanitizer available at their booths for customers, workers, and themselves
  • The individual vendor handwashing station at booths is now optional; this does not eliminate the need to wash your hands with soap and water regularly though - this can be done at our two market handwashing stations
  • Crafters are now welcome back on Space Available basis; before any customers handle craft items, they must apply hand sanitizer, provided by the vendor
  • The Board approved a COVID19 Mitigation and Communications plan which can be found here.
  • The next meeting for assessment will be on Monday, July 27th.

You are welcome back as SPACE AVAILABLE vendors! (MORE DETAILS)

  • All forms and policy are here: 
  • You must submit a safety plan and it must be approved by staff/board prior to attending a market
  • You must comply with all rules and policy, including the 2020 covid19 policy updates
  • You can only vend out of the front of your booth (no side vending- this eliminates the social distancing between booths)
  • Customers MUST sanitize hands prior to touching merchandise - you will need to provide instant hand sanitizer (email Marsha if you need some- she's selling it at her cost)
  • You can request space as early as Sunday before the Saturday market - you won't hear back until Thursday/Friday, as this is the deadline for full season folks to let us know if they are attending); most space will be on the West side of the market
  • Wednesday markets are open to crafters as well - reservations are required - please do not show up unless you've requested space
  • If you can't or won't wear a face-covering for the entire duration fo the market, this season is not for you

June 1, 2020

The board has voted to require face coverings for all entering the market- staff, vendors, customers, volunteers, etc.  Given this new requirement, Elder and Immune Compromised hour will be eliminated, as it is difficult to enforce and masks will provide additional protection.

May 14, 2020

Join us for a COVID19 HFM FAQ ZOOM session (click to join on Thurs. May 14, 5pm)
Don't ZOOM? You can call in at: 

Meeting ID: 828 2328 7540
(669) 900-9128 

Thursday, May 14th, 5-6:30pm (email with any specific questions ahead of time)

This session will be recorded and posted here 
We recognize we don't have all the answers - let's work them out together

May 8, 2020

FROM: Homer Farmers Market Board of Directors & Staff

RE:  New Application & Safety Plan - due May 17th for consideration for May 30th opening day/ full season

Dear HFM Vendors,

Thank you so much for your patience as the HFM Board of Directors and Staff have made the necessary plans for safely operating a farmers market during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Farmers Markets have been deemed essential and given guidance from the state to begin opening. We recognize that things change daily and have made the best plans we could with the information we have at this moment.  

To be considered for a full season booth, or for opening day, May 30th, all interested vendors must complete the 2020 COVID 19 Application and Safety plan y by MAY 17th.   

For the 2020 season, we will only accept this online application and safety plan. 

All new requirements have been added to the 2020 policy manual (LOCATED AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE); you can easily locate the COVID-19 additions by looking for the bold, red text. As a reminder, these requirements combine the state-mandated and recommended practices to create safe access to fresh, local food.  

If you have questions, feel free to email them to us, or attend the May 14th ZOOM meeting (you can also call into the meeting), 5-6:30pm


  • Join us for a COVID19 HFM FAQ ZOOM session (click to join on Thurs. May 14, 5pm)
  • Don't ZOOM? You can call in at: 
    • Meeting ID: 828 2328 7540
    • (669) 900-9128 
  • Thursday, May 14th, 5-6:30pm (email with any specific questions ahead of time)
  • This session will be recorded and posted here 
  • We recognize we don't have all the answers - let's work them out together

Thank you,
HFM Board of Directors & Staff

Full Season Vendors, please complete the

April 26, 2020

FROM: Homer Farmers Market Board of Directors & Staff
TO: Homer Farmers Market 2020 Full Season Approved Vendors

RE:  Covid-19 Market Adaptations for Public, Vendor, & Staff Safety

Dear HFM Full Season Vendors,

Thank you so much for your patience as the HFM Board of Directors and Staff have gathered information on health mandates, state guidance, and best practices for operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As you may be aware, states around the country have varied on their responses regarding farmers markets. Some states have outright banned markets, while others are operating in reduced capacities, focusing on the sale of essential products.  

We have been monitoring the recommendations and mandates from Alaska governmental agencies- Governor’s Office, DHSS (Dept. Health and Social Services), and DEC (Dept. Environmental Conservation) Food Safety & Sanitation (guidelines linked below), as well as working with the AK Farmers Market Association to come up with the best plan, with proven safety methods, to proceed with a market that is safe for the public, vendors, and staff.  It is vital that everyone, including your customers, feels safe coming to the market. We have been weighing difficult choices and acknowledge that what the future holds is unpredictable.

Given these unprecedented times, and knowing that the situation changes weekly, here is our plan for 2020 HFM Operations:


  • Saturdays, will open as previously scheduled, May 30th
  • As of April 25th, the plan for Wednesdays is to delay until July 1st 


  • May 3rd - please return completed survey by this date (see survey info at the end of this notice)
  • May 4th – next HFM board of directors meeting 
  • May 9th- deadline to notify vendors of updated vending status for May 30th opening date
    • A supplemental application will be sent to you, which includes a safety plan that indicates how each of these measures will be handled by your booth
  • May 17th – Supplemental Application & Safety Plan is due to the market for newly approved 2020 vendors 
  • May 23rd- Vendor/Market set-up day - set up anytime this week, a map will be provided at the Information Booth, as well as emailed to approved vendors
  • June 22nd- reassess if we can add more vendors, reduce distancing measures;
  • July 20th- reassess if we can add more vendors, reduce distancing measures;
  • August 17th - reassess if we can add more vendors, reduce distancing measures;
  • Sept. 28th- assess post-season vending month (through October 31st)

MARKET LAYOUT (for May 30th opening):

We will be placing 10 feet between every booth and removing the center booth spaces; this is effective through the month of June;

The Info booth will be relocated to the Activities Tent, to allow for drive-through pick-up of preorders;

Vendors will be spread out - be prepared for your booth space to be in a different location than previous seasons  

In keeping with the “essential” designation and spatial distancing requirements, as well as the mission of our market we will be reevaluating the vending status of all vendors for the 2020 season, based on their ability to comply with new safety rules and regulations, as well as prioritizing based on the following classifications:

Priority Tiers:

  1. Produce/agricultural products (i.e. starts, flowers, potted plants, trees, etc)
  2. Products that use AK GROWN ingredients:
    1. Prepared food items (ex. Jams, salsa, cottage foods)
    2.  Condiments, Etc. (ex. vinegar, tinctures, candy, popcorn)
    3. Hot foods (must be packaged--takeaway only)
      1. We are considering setting up space in the parking lot for hot foods – indicate your interest in the survey

NOT ALLOWED AT OPENING: Crafts - reassessed at dates listed above

If you sell a variety of products, you will be assessed based on your primary product category.  


  • It is more important than ever to notify staff if you will be absent from both WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY markets; given that space will be reduced by more than half, failure to notify the staff (by Thursday for Saturdays, Tuesday for Wednesdays), may result in you losing your vending privileges for the season.
  • No sick vendors or their employees may enter the market – stay home if you are sick.
  • Only agricultural products and food items to begin – see the tiered approach and reassessment dates above.
  • The first hour is seniors/high-risk customers only  
  • Only one person per household may enter at a given time (ie. don't bring the whole family - this is a quick grab and go market).
  • 10 feet spaces between all booths
  • Only 50 customers allowed in the market zone at a time - this number will be monitored by staff with a one in one out policy.
  • Only 2 customers at a booth at any time, at the far ends of each booth, with designated waiting (with 6-foot spacing) marked with cones, rope barriers, etc. If more than 2 customers are waiting to purchase something from your booth, they must wait in the central market area, safely spaced from other customers.
  • No vending off the sides of booths are allowed; you are encouraged to park in these gaps, to create a more secure barrier around the market
  • Encourage 20 minutes maximum time in the market per customer.
  • When possible, you are encouraged to have two staff present per booth: one attendant to handle money, while the other handles food; appropriate use of gloves is required.
  • The Homer Farmers Market is strongly encouraging online/ prepaid sales and touchless payment; Vendors must have a way to wash or sanitize their hands at their own individual booth, and the public will be provided with handwashing and instant hand sanitizer to use at the entrance before entering the market area. Vendors must also use gloves when appropriate and possible.HFM is in the process of bulk ordering hand sanitizer that vendors can purchase from the market. 
  • Here is a video with some suggestions for a hand-washing station at your booth
  • A barrier (like a folding table) must be placed between vendors and customers to create a physical distance between themselves and the customers and be cleaned frequently. We will pause the market every hour for cleaning, indicated by the cowbell ringing.
  • All surfaces being touched within your booth must be wipeable (no cloth table coverings or wooden tables without a wipeable surface).
  • Vendors and staff must wear a nose & mouth cover/mask – Marsha Rouggly/ Sweet Berries Jams, has some available, and we’ve also received a donation from Skiff Chicks.
  • Customers are encouraged to wear nose & mouth covers (mask/bandana) prior to entering the market. 
  • No handling of products by customers - they must verbally tell vendors what they want, and products should be placed on a barrier between customers and booths.
  • No food or product sampling, including smelling, activities, market merch, kids zone, music, or seating areas will be provided this season
  • Vendors must obtain their own safety equipment (masks, gloves, sanitizer, handwashing stations).  ANYONE ignoring public safety will not be permitted at the market.
  • All mandates from the state will be enforced. This may mean that future rules will be implemented to comply with new mandates; HFM will communicate any policy amendments in a timely manner. 
  • Hot food and cottage food producers must have an ALASKA FOOD HANDLERS card
  • There will be no golden market coins given or accepted this season. The exception is a one-time cash-in for those vendors who missed the deadline for reimbursement at the end of the 2019 season. ​
  • Single-use plastic bags are allowable again, per City of Homer ordinance 20-14


  • HFM will be co-advertising with the Alaska Food Hub, and the Alaska Farm Bureau, to promote multiple ways to buy local.
  • We have designed the 2020 market layout to allow for a drive-through pre-order pickup location at the Info Booth (activities tent) if you are interested in this option, please indicate so on the survey.
  • Crafters are encouraged to sell on the Food Hub, as there are no space limitations at the Food Hub; – opening May 1st.
  • Check out the training video and presentation here, along with all the requirements needed to join.  The Alaska Food Hub offers one on one training, by request, to help you get started:


You will each be sent a survey to gauge your interest in participating in the 2020 HFM Season. 

It is required that you complete this by Monday, May 4, 12pm. 

By giving us your preferences, the staff and board begin designing the market layout. If you are not willing or able to meet the 2020 regulations, you may request a refund at this time. For those crafters (and other vendors) wishing to vend should the situation change (to be reassessed at each date listed above), you may request a full season refund, but be asked to be on the “STAND BY” list and we’ll contact you in the event that you can be reincorporated back into the market

Vendors allowed to begin the market May 30th (notified by May 9th) will need to complete a Supplemental Application & Safety Plan by Sunday, May 17th.  The Market will provide you with a template.

Please review the resources at the top of this page, along with the FAQs

This is the plan that represents the best actions the board and staff can take to create a safe market experience for everyone. This market season will be very different, but the market is a vital piece to our community.  We have no doubt that the market will return to a vibrant social gathering experience as soon as it is safely possible, but perhaps not until the 2021 season.

We will reassess often, in hopes that more vendors can be added, and to ensure we are meeting state health and operational mandates.

Thank you for staying the course with us, we are all doing our very best.

Thank you,
HFM Board of Directors & Staff

Approved 2020 Full Season Vendors, please complete the survey by May 3rd: HFM - COVID19 Vending Interest (2020 Season) 

Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska