Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska

Are pets allowed?
We love animals but since we serve food only service animals are permitted. Please leave pets and comfort animals at home or in your vehicle. 

Does the Market accept Quest cards (SNAP Program - formally known as Food Stamps)?
Yes, we accept Quest cards (SNAP benefits). Visit the information area to swipe your card and redeem tokens to spend with the vendors.

  • Some items that you can purchase include: jam, honey, herb and veggies starts, seafood, eggs, and more. Basically, any food item that you can find at a supermarket or that is packaged, labeled, and intended to be consumed at home.
  • If you are a vendor that does not sell allowable products, please do not take QUEST coins - you won't be reimbursed. Questions? Visit the INFO BOOTH

Does the Market accept credit cards?
Some vendors do swipe credit cards but not all. You may use your credit, debit, or check to purchase $20 Market Coins at the Information Booth, redeemable at most market booths. Vendors will give any change back in cash. These beautiful tokens also make a great souvenir or gift.


Does the Market accept WIC/Senior Nutrition Coupons?
Yes, most vendors are set up to accept WIC/Senior Nutrition Coupons. Vendors must apply, individually, with WIC/Senior Nutrition directly to be able to accept these benefits. Please check with vendors directly.

How do I become a Market Vendor? How long is the Application Process?
All applications can be accessed on the VEND & SUPPORT tab. If you are produce grower, simply fill out the application, pay the membership fee, and contact the market manager when you are ready to vend.  

  • Craft and Food vendors must be approved by the Market Manager and Board Members- this can be done during any market day.  Please bring a completed application and membership fee.
  • Once approved, contact the market manager when you are ready to vend.
  • Only vendors who have vended as "Space Available" for one season may apply for a full season booth. Applications for the following year will be available in mid-September.
  • Full Season Vending applications are reviewed by the board, and you will be notified of your status by April 5th at the latest. Full, detailed timeline can be found here.

I was a Vendor last season. Do I need to apply again? 

Yes - and by the deadline!  Full season status is not automatically granted year to year.  The Board maintains the right to choose whichever mix of vendors they see fit, for any reason. The Board takes into account a balance of all types of vendors, with preference given to growers, to those who can commit to the full season, and to those who use local products in their crafts or food.

What is a "Space Available" Vendor? 
We only accept a limited amount of Full Season Vendors- only 30% of spaces can be reserved for craft vendors, given that our mission is to be a Farmers Market and promote local agricultural endeavors.

  • We allow any open spaces to be filled week to week by "space available" vendors, a rotating variety of products and artisans.  
  • Produce growers not wishing to have full season space, and any other vendors not selected for a full season booth, can elect to be space available.
  • Space available vendors cannot leave anything on the market site- they must set up and break down week to week.
  • Contact the market manager each week  (email is preferable; note the market phone DOES NOT accept texts) that you wish to vend. By Thursday/Friday the manager will notify you if there is space for you - no need to send multiple emails, we'll let you know as soon as we are sure of what spaces will be open.
  • Produce growers get first preference, after that spaces are filled with crafters, food vendors, etc.  In order to apply for a Full Season space, you will need to participate as a Space Available vendor for one season.

How do I sell prepared food at the market?
The first step is to check and see if your food products are exempt from DEC preparation.  

  • Please check "Cottage Food Exemptions." If you are exempt, this means the products do not need to be prepared in a DEC kitchen and you don't need any permits or liability insurance.  
  • You will need to follow our labeling policy, however, which can be found in our Policy Manual on the VEND AND SUPPORT page of this website.  
  • An exemption card must be displayed at all times, along with a list of ingredients for each product - check with the manager for a card.
  • You may also be required to have your product tested.  Please view this page, then contact the numbers listed for more information. When in doubt, please call Melanie or Heidi at the DEC- she will need to certify that your product is exempt before selling. Phone number: 907-262-3413

If your product is non-exempt, you will need liability insurance, a DEC kitchen to prepare the products, and a Mobile Food Vendor Permit.  All paperwork must be given to the Market Manager prior to selling any food products.

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