Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska

Alibi Café
Megan Palma: phone: 235-9199 
Halibut Tacos! fresh, local halibut, topped with homemade guacamole, homemade pico de gallo, shredded red cabbage, and homemade "Baja" sauce. Served with fresh lime wedges. Featuring "Hooked" Fish Spike- invented and hand mixed at the Cafe. The mix is used to season the Cafe's halibut tacos, but has a nice bold flavor perfect for all fish.

Kettle Corn
Kat Simonson: phone: 651-249-3378
Slightly sweet gourmet kettle popped corn. "Hand Batched Fresh" from giant mushroom corn. Featuring yellow & white cheddar and a Flavor of the Week!  Call for special orders.

Sweet Berries
Marsha Rouggly: 235-2973
Jams and jellies made from wild and local fruits and berries and organic sugar. Featuring habanero-jalapeno apple jam!

Udder Delights of Alaska
Todd Hindman: 907-226-2029
Web Sites: Facebook, Trip Advisor

Premium Homemade Ice Cream pre-packed into 8-ounce and limited 16-ounce cups with lids. My rotating menu has a variety of unique flavors including: Pooh Bear Ice Cream with Honey Brittle, Kentucky Kiss Bourbon Ice Cream with Salted Buttered Nuts, South of the Border Dark Chocolate Gelato with Cayenne and Cinnamon, Silk Road Ice Cream with Star Anise and Candied Fennel, Blackstrap Molasses Ice Cream with Molasses Walnut Pralines, Blank Slate Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Brown Bear Chocolate Gelato, as well as many others.  Also featured are flavors with fresh herbs from the market such as It Was Mint To Be… Mint Ice Cream with Flecks of Dark Chocolate and Fawlty Towers Basil Ice Cream with Honey Pine Nuts.  Each week I also have one non-dairy Coconut Milk Ice Cream with a Pineapple Compote or Honey Brittle.

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