Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska

Luba's Garden
Dan and Luba Dorvall: phone: 907-235-5983

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Potatoes of more varieties than you can imagine!  Lots of beets and carrots and many other veggies depending on what is ready. Welcomes special orders for events, preferably with a week's notice.  All orders are subject to availability.

Lucky Star Gardens
Cindy McKenna: phone: 907-235-3205

Starts and veggies. Lucky Star Gardens grows a wide variety of fresh vegetables and at least 8 kinds of herbs. Garlic becomes available late August. If you would like to make a special order for fresh-cut herbs, or any crop, please call Cindy the day before a market and we will be happy to bring it!

Mudophile Produce

Robert Heimbach: PO Box 3618, Homer, phone: 914-552-7637.

Various veggies. Welcomes special orders for events.  Prefers advanced notice, but can have greens ready quickly.

Seafoods of Alaska
Patrick & Dawn Schneider: email:

Fish and seafood. Fresh side-stripe shrimp, fresh-frozen Kodiak scallops, ling cod, and rockfish, and Alaskan king crab.  You can also find wild game jerky, salmon jerky and canned king or silver salmon.

Snowshoe Hollow Farm

Christina Castellanos

A one-woman / one horse-powered sustainable small farm using pony-power to grow good food for you! Offering a wide variety of hardy vegetable, flower and herb starts from certified organic seed. We are known for our flavorful Rainbow Salad Bags, fat bunches of lush cilantro and autumn specialties such as artichokes, pumpkins, and edible ornamental corn. Fuzzy Bunny hair scrunchies and feather earrings crafted from the naturally shed fur and feathers of our own Angora rabbits and farm birds are also offered when available. 

Synergy Gardens and the Alaska Garlic Project

Lori, Wayne, and Obadiah Jenkins: 706-273-0077;



We are a 5 acre Biologically Intensive Market Garden, with 1.5 acres under cultivation.  We offer tours, Farm-To-Table events, Internships, a gourmet CSA and workshops.  We grow delicious varieties of Heirloom and mixed vegetables along with all things Garlic for Farmers Market customers, chefs and restaurants. Early in the season find radishes, Purple Spinaches, Asparagus, Arugula, colorful lettuces, Golden Napa Cabbage,  mixed fresh herbs and Artichokes. In Summer we sell early carrots, herbs, Garlic Scapes, edible Blossoms, tomatoes and cucumbers. Then towards Fall, find gourmet varieties of garlic bulbs, Garlic Braids along with carrots, shallots, sugar snap peas, fresh peas and other greens

Tilted Hills Farm

Monica Kopp & Ben Tippenhauer, phone: 865-386-5023


Tilted Hills Farm is a budding little farm in Nikolaevsk run by Monica and Ben. Monica is an ecologist and transfers her knowledge and passion for natural systems to nurturing the soil and working with nature to grow healthy plants in a sustainable way. Ben uses his inventive mind to build and improve infrastructure on the farm. He has built his own sawmill, dug his own well, and is constantly dreaming up new ideas the next efficient tool! 

Twitter Creek Gardens

Emily Garrity, phone: (907) 299-4717,



Facebook: Twitter Creek Gardens

Twitter Creek Gardens is a nine acre micro-farm located on the South side of Lookout Mountain outside of Homer, Alaska. We cultivate one and a half acres of nutrient dense vegetables in a bio-intensive fashion with a concentration on soil health. 

Will Grow Farm
Paul and Jen Castellani, phone: 907-299-4158


Website:  Will Grow Farm

Various salad greens, prepared salad bags, green onions, green garlic, celery and celeriac, herbs and more depending on what is ready. Welcomes special orders for events, preferably with a couple weeks notice. 

Produce Vendors