Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska

travel scholarship information

Who Is eligible

Thanks to a USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant, we are are able to offer a variety of travel scholarships.  The intent of this scholarship is to help Alaskan farmers market organizers- paid staff, volunteers, board members- to attend the 2017 Conference.  There will be at least 10 participants chosen from a variety of regions around the state, representing a range of market stages, from emerging markets to long-standing established markets.  We are aiming for diversity, to encourage learning and sharing of ideas on every level.

what is covered

We are stretching our grant dollars and offering a variety of scholarships- indicate on your application what you'd like funding for. You may apply for funding to cover reimbursement of:


  • Travel:
    • airfare reimbursement of $250-$700, depending on where you are traveling from 
      • companion fare travel available
    • gas/rental car reimbursement (up to $250)
    • rental car or cabs reimbursement while in Homer (up to $100 for duration of conference)
  • Meal reimbursement (up to $100 for meals not covered by conference; alcohol not reimbursable)
  • Lodging - we have room to sleep up to 30 people at our facility, in shared rooms

Not Covered:

  • Conference meals - we will be offering two breakfasts and lunches- to offset the costs (which can't be funded by the grant) each participant will need to pay $50 for the duration of the conference
  • Offsite lodging; all scholarship lodging will be at the conference site
  • Social Events, unless indicated in program


Deadline to apply is Friday December 2, 2016

Please review expectations of Scholarship Recipients:

  • Submit receipts for reimbursements by March 20, 2017
  • Book and pay for your own travel, within given budget, arriving by the evening of March 2 and staying until close of conference on March 4 - travel must be booked by February 1, 2017
    • If paying for travel ahead of time causes you any hardships, please let us know
  • Actively participate in conference sessions
  • Deliver a short "Fresh Perspectives" presentation, highlighting a success of your market
  • Complete evaluation of conference
  • Share what you've learned with your community (i.e. letter to editor, Facebook post, newsletter article)
  • Maintain communication with state-wide group post conference


Included in Registration & Scholarship Form.

Notification of awardees

Applicants will be notified of their awards no later than December 15, 2016.

As funds allow, partial scholarships may be awarded.

Awardees have until January 2, 2017 to accept or decline the award, so that will may reallocated declined awards.