Catch a Snack



Granma's Jam

Hena's Salsa

His & Hers Baking

Kettle Corn

King's Kitchen

Sweet Berries

2nd Nature


Colors of the Sea

Cynthia Cox

Fabric Art

Fireweed Tales

Fit for a King

Green T Bags

Karol Kahn Miller

Local Showcase

Luxurious Lathers

Mama D's Designs

Scrimshaw by Brian Burns

Shaman's Cove

Shady Dog Farm

Stain Glass, INC

Stone Art

Wooden Diamonds

For full descriptions of produce vendors, click here.

​Craft Vendors

​Food Vendors

Alaska Perfect Peony

Alaska Stems

Bob Durr

Conscious Earth Farm

Good Vibe Basil Girl

Homer Hilltop Gardens

Jakolof Bay Oyster Co.

Luba's Garden

Lucky Star Gardens

Mudophile Produce

Scenic Place Peony

Seafoods of Alaska

Snowshoe Hollow Farm

Synergy Gardens/

    Alaska Garlic Project

Twitter Creek Gardens

Wilderness Greenhouse

WillGrow Farm

For full descriptions of food vendors, click here.

For full descriptions of craft vendors, click here.

​Produce Vendors

market Vendors

Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska