Farmers Market

Homer, Alaska

​Alaska Boreal Herbs

Alaskan Gold Kettle Corn

Alibi Cafe

Arctic Rose Herbs

Country Kitchen

Evolve Permaculture

Fika with Friends (Coffee and treats)

Shiva Boom Indian Food

Sweet and Savory

Sweet Berries

Turquoise Tree

Udder Delights Ice Cream

Fit for a King

Luxurious Lathers

Mari in the Sky

MJ Earthworks Pottery

Protect Your Pet

Shaman's Cave

Skinny Owlz

Stone Art

Wilson's Proper Edge

Arctic Rose Herbs

Bridge Creek Birch Syrup

Coyote Run Farm

Homer Hilltop Farm

Homer Micro Farm

Luba's Garden

Lucky Star Gardens

Mudophile Produce

Rick Steffans

River View Honey

Seafoods of Alaska

Snowshoe Hollow Farm

Stoked Honey

Synergy Gardens/

    Alaska Garlic Project

Tilted Hills Farm

Twitter Creek Gardens

Wilderness Greenhouse

Will Grow Farm

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​Craft Vendors

​Food Vendors

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